Q: What do you look for in a submission?

A: We look for work that speaks for itself, that is shameless and forward.

Q: I just submitted a piece of work. When can I expect a response?

A: If you submitted for your work to be featured online, response times will be between a few days to a week. For the print publication, we will not respond until the end of our reading period, which ends early spring. You are free to submit to the print publication at any time of the year, but we will formally announce when we actively accept submissions.

Q: Can I send multiple submissions?

A: To send another submission, we suggest you wait until we have responded to your first submission.You may send up to 4 poems, 8 pieces of prose, and/or 8 pieces of visual art.

Q: Will electronic issues of the print magazine be available on the website?

A: PDFs of the print magazine will be made available online in ‘Archives’following the annual spring launch party.

Q: How can I obtain a print copy of the magazine?

A: Every spring Stillpoint hosts a launch party for that year’s issue where we give out print copies to contributors.

Q: Does Stillpoint do themed print issues?

A: No.

Q: Will grammar and spelling affect my chances of submission?

A: We understand that grammar and spelling are not common strengths, but if the accumulation of errors makes your work difficult to read, then we cannot properly judge it.

Q: My work was rejected. What do I do?

A: Keep trying! You should treat rejection as motivation, not discouragement. Even if a piece of work is really good, it just might not be what we are looking for. Before submitting, please peruse previous issues in ‘Archives’ so that you can get an idea of what Stillpoint looks for.

Q: How do I become a staff member of Stillpoint?

A: A call for applications will usually be sent out early to mid-fall semester. Along with a written application, we will also be conducting informal interviews.

If you have a question that was not answered here, please send an email to uga.stillpoint@gmail.com.