homesick by Theresa Connolly

sometimes i can hear your voice in the voices of un-stranged strangers. in between my forgetting my steel-headed self-truth, you wait. you tell me i’m far from home.

Classmate by Polina Yakovleva

He was as grandiloquent as the word grandiloquent overly verbose and painfully engrossed in the putrid sweetness of his ego that he reeked of— “It’s a new scent by Dior” he told me winking, sinking his perfumed fingers into the fire of my mind.   But what pissed me off the most about that overdose … Continue reading "Classmate by Polina Yakovleva"

Endless Sonnet by Kate Sims

The light dances along my fingertips And I curl my hand around its rays to Catch its golden stream.  From my hand it drips And stains the table with its yellow hue. I pull the darkness around me and wear The shadows and the nightfall like a cloak Stardust falls like snow and slips off … Continue reading "Endless Sonnet by Kate Sims"

1000 Gifts by Kayla Barnes

  I’m the girl who picks the tattered, grandpa-worn flannel over the new one Because it always seems to keep me warmer on winter days. If you come with me to Walmart I’ll hunt down a Crayola box Open it and touch its chiseled teeth Take in the scent of new, waxy pigment Just waiting … Continue reading "1000 Gifts by Kayla Barnes"

Here by James Lim

Sink into me like a grave I am the tired home you’ve made out of the pull and release of our Mother Earth that we mistake for waves. And I pray it’s not too late to remind you that it’s okay to let your filth into me; I’ll still be here anyway.

Performance by Nick Hummel

Darkness A deep breath Drops of sweat fall from my brow Eyes closed Silence Soft light Warming glow Heat radiating from above Staring at my feet White noise Spotlight Blinding glare Feet moving through rehearsed steps All eyes on me Chatter Fading Silhouettes in motion Judgement forming in minds A curtain call Applause Darkness A … Continue reading "Performance by Nick Hummel"

3 Poems by Marianna Hagler

Something more tender than metaphor I can tell she’s looking for some thing more tender than metaphor—a shimmering textual cylinder, a shelf of self-help run thru a chipper- shredder, a New York Times best-seller — Ownmost i like any thing that lights up on its own— cats’ eyes, children’s sneakers, the sun— when the baby … Continue reading "3 Poems by Marianna Hagler"

Fists by Diana Richtman

Once I had a fascination with men fighting one another. Fists hitting cheeks, hitting stomachs. They would be fighting for honor, theirs or mine — it didn’t matter. But the animal that wins the dogfight does not curl up next to you and lick your wounds after it has just decimated a body. That dry … Continue reading "Fists by Diana Richtman"