3 Poems by Marianna Hagler

Something more tender than metaphor

I can tell she’s

looking for some

thing more tender

than metaphor—a shimmering

textual cylinder,

a shelf of self-help

run thru a chipper-

shredder, a New York Times

best-seller —


i like any

thing that lights

up on its own—

cats’ eyes, children’s

sneakers, the sun—

when the baby

smiles, it’s not

for you or me

Local on the 8s

wanna talk about the

weather with me—i like

to do it and to watch

local on the eights

on tv—to sit on,

to sink into the couch

at mother’s house

—to sit on, to set

onto porch screened in

with screen—a poem

takes time and staring into